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The Time That Shaped The Future Of My Business — Part Two

Ashley Turner


In this Part 2 episode, we explore Ashley’s transformative journey through the power of integrating yoga, meditation, shadow work, and psychedelics.

Show notes

Personal Journey

  • Ashley discusses her shift towards integrating yoga and psychological shadow work with psychedelic healing.
  • She shares her personal journey of transformation, emphasizing the importance of authenticity and alignment in her work.

Building a New Path

  • Ashley explains her new focus on small group retreats and one-on-one personal work.
  • Details about the types of retreats, including options with and without psychedelics - highlighting the transformative potential of these integrated practices

Challenges and Growth

  • Discussion on the challenges Ashley faced while transitioning from traditional yoga teacher training, providing insights into how external factors and personal realizations guided her new direction.
  • Description of Ashley’s new offerings: small group retreats, personal immersions, and couples' work, with a focus on combining psychological work, spirituality, and community.
  • Emphasis on the importance of aligning work with personal passion and healing.

Forced Pause and Clarity

  • Ashley reflects on the forced pause and the clarity it brought to her purpose.
  • Realization that her true calling lies beyond traditional yoga teacher training.

Personal and Professional Impact

  • The impact of her journey on personal and professional relationships.
  • Importance of living through transformative experiences to truly understand and appreciate their value.

Closing and Gratitude

  • Closing remarks expressing gratitude and inspiration from Ashley’s journey.
  • Encouragement to embrace personal evolution and allow for a messy, uncertain process.

Key Takeaways:

  • The importance of authenticity and alignment in personal and professional life.
  • The transformative power of integrating yoga, meditation, shadow work, and psychedelics.
  • Embracing change and uncertainty as opportunities for growth and clarity.
  • The value of small group retreats and personal immersions in deep, transformative work.

Learn more about Ashley:

Website: The Haven
Website: The Menopause Rebrand 3 Day Event
Instagram: Ashleyturner1

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