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Tailored to meet the specific needs of your brand, business, and vision, we offer an hour-long, personalized consulting call where we roll up our sleeves and dive deep into your brand.

What You Can Expect

During our zoom session, we’ll evaluate:


We’ll take a close look at your existing branding and identity, exploring ways to enhance its impact and consistency.


Becca will personally assess your website, analyzing its design, functionality, and user experience. She’ll identify areas for improvement and discuss how to make your online presence truly yours and more importantly, profitable.

Copy & Messaging

Words matter, and we’ll provide a comprehensive assessment of your website’s copy and messaging. Our goal is to ensure that your brand’s voice resonates effectively with your target audience.

Strategy & User Experience

We’ll evaluate your current framework and approach to identify opportunities for optimizing customer engagement and provide guidance on where to focus your efforts, helping you prioritize improvements that deliver the greatest impact.

For the greatest impact

Our consulting session isn’t just about identifying areas for improvement; it’s also about providing actionable advice on where to start, where to focus your energy and how to find the right team to get you there.

Meet your brand expert

Founder & Creative Director

Becca Levian has over 15 years of web design and visual brand strategy experience, earning her chops at prestigious firms before founding Skye High. She chiseled her design skills while working at world class digital agencies on numerous large-scale accounts, such as Adidas, Lego, Royal Caribbean and more.

Since then, she’s used her industry experience to help visionaries succeed by being themselves. Becca knows the value of collaboration– over the years, she’s assembled a team of like-minded experts to give each client the support and evidence-based strategy their company deserves. Becca’s known for her willingness to challenge the status quo. As Creative Director, Becca works closely with each client and the Skye High team to understand their goals and create a thoughtful and innovative brand experience.

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