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Becca Levian

Founder & Creative Director

Becca Levian has over 15 years of web design and visual brand strategy experience, earning her chops at prestigious firms before founding Skye High. She chiseled her design skills while working at Isobar in Boston for 3 years where she served as Art Director for Adidas, as well as Santa Monica’s RED Interactive Agency, where she held the role of Associate Creative Director on multiple Lego campaigns.

Early on, she had the joy of working with many household brands including Jockey, Reebok, Royal Caribbean, Disney, and CVS, the campaigns of which have been decorated with top industry awards including Effie, Webby, and Hatch.


With her then-six-month-old daughter on her hip, she took her biggest career leap in launching Skye High. Since then, she’s used her industry experience to help visionaries succeed by being themselves. Becca knows the value of collaboration– over the years, she’s assembled a team of like-minded experts to give each client the support and evidence-based strategy their company deserves. Becca’s known for her willingness to challenge the status quo. As Creative Director, Becca works closely with each client and the Skye High team to understand their goals and create a thoughtful and innovative brand experience.

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Yoni Levian


With nearly a decade’s experience in the entertainment industry as a Producer/Production Manager for film, commercial and other video campaigns, Yoni brings invaluable insight to Skye High, where he oversees operations and finances. Yoni has exceptional management skills, which he’s used to oversee teams of up to 70 people and project budgets ranging from $20,000-$2 million.

Yoni has leveraged this expertise for Skye High from their very first clients. In 2021, he joined the Skye High team full-time. Yoni has a passion for empowering the people behind the brilliant ideas. He ensures that every client feels at ease throughout the process and thrilled by the results. Married and parents to three young children, Yoni and Becca are partners in and out of Skye High. Their shared values of family, honesty, and kindness unite them as they support their clients from the first kickoff call to site launch and beyond.

What We Do Best

We create unforgettable brands and websites that allow creative entrepreneurs to make the biggest impact by simply being themselves.

Brand Strategy

Logo Design


Art Direction

Web Design

Web Development

Brand Consulting


User Experience


Print + Editorial

Collateral Design

We Believe

We’re smarter together.

Successful businesses aren’t built alone. Skye High is a tight knit team of experts, each with a unique specialization. For niche services that aren’t our speciality, such as SEO, marketing, and social media, we refer our clients to trusted partners. Over years of collabs and hundreds of projects, our process is fine-tuned and ready to roll.

Business is personal.

We’re all human here– you, us, your customers. We bring our whole selves into this work, and we want our clients to feel free to be themselves. Launching (or re-launching a company) is a massive but necessary undertaking for modern businesses, so we make ourselves as helpful as possible as we bring your vision to life.

Pretty doesn’t cut it.

A successful website can’t just be beautiful. Our meticulous verbal and visual brand strategy process reveals who you are and why you do what you do. As we build out all the assets, we make sure that every part does its job, from copy and photos to type and animations. The end result? A thoughtful user experience and content that converts.

Don’t be an ass.

We stand behind every brand we create, so we carefully choose each client to make sure that we align on our core values and ethics. These include caring for the environment, actively combating racism and gender inequality, supporting women and children, and affirming and advocating for the LGBTQ+ community. In a word, kindness.

See our work

Know your people.

We work best with:

Personal brands

Companies with heart


Established entrepreneurs

This might not work if you:

Are just starting out

Don’t want honest feedback

Work as a lone wolf

Get spooked by confident women (boo.)

Skye High's personal touch, creativity, and brilliant design truly sets them apart. Their expertise is unmatched, and the results speak for themselves.
Becca and team really took the time to listen to our goals and preferences for the brand, fostering a truly collaborative experience from the start. Since the rebrand, our business has flourished!
"I’m so grateful for how Becca is able to receive a vision and not only bring it to life, but add her own unique elements to it to make it even more incredible."
"Aside from working with a highly talented group of women the best part of working with Skye High was that they were able to bring my vision to life."
"If you are looking for a new feel towards your brand, stop looking. Skye High Interactive is an amazing, top of the line company. Becca is personable, timely and, well, a genius!"
"Becca is a magician. She transformed the heart of my work into stunning visual images that communicate with my audience in ways I never could with words alone."
"[Skye High] just got us and their ideas and designs were perfection."
"Yes there are less expensive ways to get a website off the ground but that first impression is everything and nobody does that better than Skye High."
"Becca intuitively knows what I am looking for. Not only that, she elevates my ideas 10x and provides top-notch support. She's the BEST designer I know."
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