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Skye High was founded by Creative Director Becca Levian.

Backed by over 12 years of experience, Becca is responsible for the creative and strategic direction of Skye High Interactive.

Prior to establishing the company, Becca worked at prominent digital design agencies in Boston, Los Angeles and Seattle. She has worked with a diverse range of clients that include Adidas, Lego, CVS Pharmacy, Webster Bank, and Hartford Insurance among many others. 



Let's hear it for the working mamas out there!

Whether consciously or not, one of the biggest reasons Becca started Skye High was for this adorable little lady: Avery Skye (cue lightbulb!) It's her mission to show her daughter what a strong woman is capable of and what you can achieve with some hard work and perseverance. This industry is anything but easy, and she does this work because she's passionate about creating beautiful design and interactions that gets real results for her clients. Nothing is better than getting those texts of affirmation that say, "because of you, I just surpassed all my sales projections!" 



Ready to make some magic?

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