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Skye High creates unforgettable brands and websites for established entrepreneurs who believe that business is human.

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Brands built from the inside out.

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See our work

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Discover the full potential of your brand with our personalized consulting service. In just one hour, we’ll analyze your branding, website, messaging, and strategy to identify actionable improvements that boost ROI, refine your brand message, and engage your audience.

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Skye High's personal touch, creativity, and brilliant design truly sets them apart. Their expertise is unmatched, and the results speak for themselves.
Becca and team really took the time to listen to our goals and preferences for the brand, fostering a truly collaborative experience from the start. Since the rebrand, our business has flourished!
"I’m so grateful for how Becca is able to receive a vision and not only bring it to life, but add her own unique elements to it to make it even more incredible."
"Aside from working with a highly talented group of women the best part of working with Skye High was that they were able to bring my vision to life."
"If you are looking for a new feel towards your brand, stop looking. Skye High Interactive is an amazing, top of the line company. Becca is personable, timely and, well, a genius!"
"[Skye High] just got us and their ideas and designs were perfection."
"Becca is a magician. She transformed the heart of my work into stunning visual images that communicate with my audience in ways I never could with words alone."
"Yes there are less expensive ways to get a website off the ground but that first impression is everything and nobody does that better than Skye High."
"Becca intuitively knows what I am looking for. Not only that, she elevates my ideas 10x and provides top-notch support. She's the BEST designer I know."

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The goods

  • Brand strategy

  • Logo Design

  • Naming

  • Art Direction

  • Web Design

  • Web Development

  • Brand & Design Consulting

  • Copywriting

  • User Experience

  • Illustration

  • Print + Editorial

  • Collateral Design

Becca and Yoni

We don't just
make websites

We build real connections with our clients. We wanna get to know you, your company, and your customer. Then, we infuse your unique spice into every layer of your brand.

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Business Made Personal Podcast

With Becca and yoni Levian

Personal Stories & Conversations on Business Success

Whether you’ve created a brand or you ARE the brand, this podcast dives into everything from the successes and pitfalls of running a business, working with your partner while raising 3 kids, and everything in between.


Who you’ll work with

Skye High is more than a web design agency: we’re a close-knit team of entrepreneurs and parents. With over 120 brands and websites under our belts, we believe that honesty wins and people matter. That’s why we bring our full selves to every project, and invite our clients to do the same.

Meet our team
Becca standing confidentlyBecca smiling towards the camera

Becca Levian

CEO / Creative director

Yoni standing holding a hand on his hatYoni standing with hands in his pocket

Yoni Levian


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