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The Time That Shaped The Future Of My Business — Part One

Ashley Turner


In this episode, Ashley Turner discusses how motherhood in her 40s and perimenopause profoundly impacted her business and personal life, forcing her to re-evaluate her priorities.

Show notes


  • Introducing Ashley Turner, marriage and family psychotherapist, renowned yoga teacher, and founder of Yoga Psyche Soul and The Haven.
  • Highlighting Ashley's extensive experience in the wellness industry and recent life changes.

Navigating Perimenopause:

  • Ashley shares her personal experience with perimenopause, including unexpected symptoms like vertigo.
  • Discussion on the lack of preparation and awareness around perimenopause in mainstream healthcare.
  • The intersection of hormonal shifts and mental health, exploring symptoms like depression, anxiety, and brain fog.

Seeking Solutions:

  • Ashley emphasizes the importance of holistic approaches and functional medicine in addressing perimenopause.
  • Recommendations for resources, including Sarah Gottfried's course on menopause, and the benefits of bioidentical hormones.
  • The challenges of finding the right balance between scalable business growth and personal fulfillment.

Adapting in Business:

  • Ashley reflects on the impact of perimenopause on her business and the necessity of reassessing priorities.
  • The importance of giving oneself permission to evolve and pivot in business endeavors.
  • Acknowledgment of difficult decisions in streamlining business operations.


  • For next week's episode, Ashley delves into unexpected topics like psychedelics, relationships and new endeavors.

Learn more about Ashley:

Website: The Haven
Website: The Menopause Rebrand 3 Day Event
Instagram: Ashleyturner1

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