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The Time I Started Owning Who I Was

Madelyn Moon


In this episode, we catch up with Madelyn Moon, a "Mythic Relationship Magician". She opens up about recent personal revelations and the impact it's had on her business and relationships.

Show notes

Drawing from her background in acting and polarity training, Madelyn shares how she empowers others to embrace their emotions and enriching their connections while staying true to themselves.

  • Identity and Teaching Niche:
    • Madelyn identifies as a "mythic relationship magician," emphasizing her focus on teaching people how to become artists of love by using body, breath, and somatics to embody love itself.
  • Connection to Acting and Polarity Training:
    • After exploring acting as a means of authentic emotional expression, Madelyn integrates acting techniques into her teachings. Students explore the physical and emotional aspects of characters, ultimately bringing newfound energy and expression into their relationships.
  • Online Presence and Vulnerability:
    • Reflecting on her social media presence, Madelyn discusses the power of vulnerability and authenticity in connecting with others. She advocates for embracing all aspects of oneself online and filtering out negativity to maintain an authentic and diverse presence.
  • Recognition of Neurodivergence: 
    • Madelyn shares their initial experiences and struggles with Neurodivergent traits, reflecting on moments of feeling misunderstood and questioning the legitimacy of their own experiences.
  • Navigating Personal Relationships: 
    • Through introspection, Madelyn explores how their Neurodivergence has influenced their relationships, particularly in terms of communication and attachment styles, shedding light on past experiences and patterns.
  • Professional Challenges and Growth:
    • Transitioning to a discussion on the professional front, Madelyn discusses the challenges she faces in managing a team and delegating tasks, highlighting the tension between their meticulous working style and the need for collaboration.
  • Insights into Collaborative Creativity: 
    • Madelyn reflects on the joys and dynamics of collaborative creativity, emphasizing the importance of mutual respect and understanding in fostering creative synergy.
  • Boundaries and Communication: 
    • Madelyn and Becca discuss the significance of setting clear boundaries and maintaining open communication channels in both personal and professional relationships.


  • Authentic expression and vulnerability are key to deepening personal relationships and fostering connection.
  • Integrating creative expression and emotional exploration into relationships can expand dynamics and enhance intimacy.
  • Embracing a full range of emotions and expressions within oneself leads to greater self-awareness and fulfillment in personal and professional life.
  • Self-awareness and self-acceptance are pivotal in navigating Neurodivergent experiences, fostering growth and understanding.
  • Effective communication and boundary-setting are essential for cultivating healthy relationships and teamwork, promoting mutual respect and collaboration.
  • Collaborative creativity thrives in an environment of trust and understanding, enabling the exploration of diverse perspectives and ideas.

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