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The Time I Started My Own Agency

Jen Davis


To all the freelance creatives looking to start their own agency - meet Jen Davis of Hello June Creative. Not too long ago, Jen was working with us at Skye High as our very first design contractor! Now 5 years later, she has grown her own successful agency!

Show notes

Transition to Entrepreneurship & Navigating Challenges:

  • Jen discusses her transition from a corporate background to starting her own agency, highlighting the challenges and rewards of venturing into entrepreneurship.
  • The conversation touches upon the challenges of balancing personal and professional life, communication strategies, and the learning curve of building a business as a couple.

Partnership Dynamics:

  • Jen elaborates on her partnership with her husband, Dillon, and how their complementary skill sets can contribute to the success of their business. They share insights into their collaborative approach and the unique dynamics of working together as spouses.

Visionary Leadership:

  • Jen reflects on her role as a visionary leader and her aspirations for the future of her agency, including plans for expansion and diversification of services.

Empathy and Understanding:

  • Throughout the discussion, Jen emphasizes the importance of empathy, understanding, and effective communication in fostering a strong working relationship with her husband and clients alike.

Achieving Work-Life Balance:

  • The transition from corporate work to freelancing and the realization that rigid work hours weren't necessary for productivity.
  • She shares her experience implementing a four-day work week, utilizing efficient work practices, and prioritizing family time.
  • Importance of setting boundaries and managing time effectively to maintain balance.

Mentorship, Growth, and Transitioning from Freelance to Agency

  • Jen shares her gratitude towards Skye High for providing mentorship and support during her freelance career.
  • Importance of positive work environments and mentorship in fostering growth and confidence.
  • Becca & Yoni express appreciation for Jen's contributions and growth during their collaboration.
  • Discussion on the significance of embodying positive attitudes and creating a supportive culture within teams.

Embracing Personalities and Building Confidence

  • Jen discusses overcoming self-doubt and embracing her energetic personality in her career.
  • Influence of previous corporate experiences on self-expression and confidence.
  • Recognition of the importance of authenticity and enthusiasm in professional interactions.
  • Cultivating confidence and embracing individuality in work environments.

By prioritizing boundaries and fostering authenticity, we learned how individuals can thrive in their careers while maintaining personal well-being. Join us next time for more insights on entrepreneurship and personal growth.

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