The Time I Redefined Life with Cancer

Elissa Kalver


In this episode, we connect with a dear friend of ours Elissa Kalver, who shares her experiences with cancer, the creation of her non-profit initiative to support cancer survivors, and her reflections on growth and future plans.

Show notes

Introductions and Personal Experiences

  • Elissa shares her personal journey with cancer, including diagnosis and treatment, highlighting the challenges faced at a young age.
  • The importance of support systems and community for cancer patients is explored.

Discussing the Nonprofit and its Impact

  • Elissa introduces the nonprofit initiative aimed at supporting cancer survivors and their families, discussing its mission to address gaps in support for young adult cancer patients.
  • Various initiatives and programs offered by the nonprofit, such as virtual art classes and magic shows, are highlighted as means of fostering community and support.
  • The collaborative nature of the nonprofit, involving friends and community members, along with its impact on building a supportive community for cancer survivors.

Reflections on Growth and Future Plans

  • Elissa reflects on the growth and impact of the nonprofit since its inception, expressing gratitude for the support and contributions received.
  • The importance of addressing gaps in support for young adult cancer patients, particularly regarding fertility preservation.
  • Plans for the future includes hiring more staff and expanding the nonprofit's reach, with acknowledgments of the challenges faced and the importance of seeking and receiving help in achieving their mission.

Throughout the episode, we discuss themes of resilience, community, and how the transformative power of support can shine through - offering hope and inspiration to listeners facing similar challenges.

Check out Elissa's Non-profit: We Got This & their Instagram @Wegotthisorg

Some other mentions include: 
The Bright Spot Network
Society of American Magicians
Elephants & Tea (AYA)

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