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Maura Farragher

Heal your heart, nourish your body, and balance your energy for a life that’s filled with joy.

the brief

Rebranding to be more Personal and Engaging

Maura approached Skye High because her company brand and website at the time felt templated, generic and unprofessional. Above all, it didn't represent the high quality of work her practice stood for. Her existing website lacked not only a cohesive look but also failed to communicate her services, offerings, mission or values in an effective way. This new website needed to not only be engaging but also thoughtful and robust in the content and user experience.

the approach

Based off The Goddess Hathor

The color palette and mood board for this brand was heavily inspired by Ireland where Maura lives, and the icon and logo were inspired by The Goddess Hathor -- the goddess of the sky, of women, and of fertility and love.

The result

Healing made easier

Built on WordPress, Maura's brand and site now establishes her as a cutting-edge energy healer in Ireland. this website showcases what we do best — countless custom elements and complex functionality that feels seamless and remains easy to use, which, for her clients is the best outcome.

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