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Embody Period.

Helping Women retrieve their Power and become Wild Queens of their inner and outer worlds.

the brief

To be that of Imagination

It was no small feat — the new embodyperiod. site needed to feel “alive,” evoking a sense of mystery, art, wild regality. Through her site, Roxanne want to inspire and provoke imagination and new experiences/possibilities.

the approach

Whimsical yet sultry

The color palette and mood board for this brand was heavily inspired by rich colors, textures, and Paris in the 20s. Remedios Varo, Lenor Fini, and Leonora Carrington were infinite inspirations.

The result

Bringing a depth and aliveness to the digital space

Built on Wordpress, this website showcases what we do best — a brand and site that feels uniquely ownable to embodyperiod. The integration of animating elements (the smoke, flames, curtains, etc) bring the site to a new level. It feels alive like no other site we've created has ever accomplished.

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