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Laurie Maddalena

Elevate your leadership and your life with Laurie Maddalena

the brief

On a Mission to Change Workplace Cultures

Laurie is a professional speaker, executive coach and leadership development consultant who's dedicated to modernize leadership practices and show others the power of positive workplace culture. She's a force, and needed an agency who understands personal brands as she was looking to reposition herself as such.

the approach

Professional with a Softer Edge

We created the color palette and logo around the idea of professional minimalism with a subtle softness. After all, Laurie's both the fearless leader as well as the nurturing mother and mentor, so showing both sides of her with this brand was essential. We planned her brand photo shoot with Jenny Moloney and made sure to capture Laurie as both the leader,

The result

An Elevated yet Personal Experience

Being built on Webflow allowed Laurie's site to maintain the flow and femininity through subtle yet polished type animations and transitions while not compromising load or page speed. Her site is a beautiful example of one that feels personal and intimate yet also elevated and professional.

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