Photography Art Direction, Web Design, Book Design, Podcast Cover Art

Mel Robbins

You can change your life. Mel Robbins will show you how.

the brief

“Mesmerizing. Actionable. Life-Changing.”

Mel's mission is simple: to share proven tools that empower you to create a better life. And, it’s to make you feel a little less alone, to encourage you every step of the way, and laugh a lot as we learn and grow together. Mel came to Skye High to completely reimagine and redesign and rebuild her website on Webflow in order to promote her new podcast and all her best-selling books.

the approach

Creating a brand as magnetic and unforgettable as Mel Robbins

It all started with that yellow highlighter. A simple yet powerful brush stroke that became the brand. It represented who Mel is and what she's known for: simple, yet powerful life-changing tools. We wanted her brand to feel effortless yet memorable; simple yet powerful.

The result

A best-selling book, top-rated podcast, and world-class speaker

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