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Julie Squires

Evidence-based life coaching for veterinarians

the brief

A new brand and site for a Compassion Fatigue Specialist

Julie equips veterinarians, animal welfare workers and other animal workers with cognitive tools to feel better, create healthy boundaries, stop the cycle of guilt and burnout, and reclaim their lives. She wanted to redesign her branding and website to not only reposition herself as a personal brand, but also to create a site that's both robust but also feminine and fluid.

the approach

A Softer Touch

As part of Julie's new brand, we wanted the color palette and visual elements to feel light and feminine. The nature of her work is incredibly heavy, but Julie herself is light, warm and welcoming. She needed a brand and color palette that reflected that. We also used two different fonts for her logo to keep that balance: Julie written out in an organic, handwritten font, while her last name is written in a strong, confident, professional uppercase serif.

The result

A beautiful new brand for a woman doing incredible work

The work Julie does is remarkable, and making sure her site reflected her value and gift was so important. In the end, Julie's site not only perfectly reflects her and her work, but it feels like a warm hug, which is exactly like what working with Julie feels like.

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