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Dr. Alison Cook

Empowering all who are on a journey of personal healing and spiritual growth with the tools they need to flourish.

the brief

The tools are here.

Dr. Alison Cook is a psychologist and teacher who has spent two decades helping individuals name what’s hard and take brave steps to transform their lives. She originally approached Skye High because she was ready to elevate her personal brand and website as she prepared for the launch of her third book and as her podcast was taking off.

the approach

Helping others become spiritually and emotionally whole

We chose serif typeface fonts that feel bold, classic and clear, and colors that feel calming. We wanted her website to be inviting and warm, full of natural textures. In order to achieve this, we created a series of hand-drawn paint strokes to use throughout the website. We wanted Alison's softness to come through, as well as her vast knowledge. We planned her brand photo shoot with Jenny Moloney and made sure to capture Alison as both a psychologist, speaker, podcast host and author.

The result

Practical Tools Mixed with Spiritual Wisdom

Being built on Webflow allowed Alison's site to maintain the flow and femininity through subtle yet polished type animations and transitions while not compromising load or page speed. Her site is a beautiful example of one that feels personal and intimate yet also elevated and professional.

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