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Tamsen Fadal

Challenging our collective stories on menopause and life after 50.

the brief

An Award Winning Journalist on a Mission

After 30 years traveling the world reporting stories, Tamsen Fadal was ready for a change. After sharing her own Menopause-related experiences and stories through TikTok, she realized there was an opportunity to tell a new, personal story, and she needed a new brand to do that.

the approach

As Bold and Confident as Tamsen

For Tamsen's new brand, we wanted it to feel just as bold and playful as she is. Tamsen's message is all about owning who you are and aging with confidence, so it was imperative her brand and site reflected that message.

The result

A Memorable New Brand

Tamsen's brand is a great example of brand cohesiveness. By Art Directing her Photo Shoot, we chose wardrobe pieces that felt aligned with her brand and messaging, and thought strategically about location, props, poses and more. Redesigning her podcast art and collateral keeps everything feeling unified and visually consistent, thus leaving a bigger impression on the end user.

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