Web Design & Development

Allie Van Fossen

An 800 hour certified yoga teacher gets a new digital home

the brief

A self-growth student, freedom-seeker and yoga teacher

Allie came to Skye High ready for a rebrand - one that would showcase her as a more mature, knowledgeable and influential yoga teacher and mentor. In an effort to step away from her well-known "Journey Junkie" persona, she opted for a more authentic digital home that would better represent who she is and the community she's built. 

the approach

Looking for a website that delights

When Allie hired Skye High, she made it clear about her goals: to create an online presence for herself that would not only be a hub for the wealth of information she offers, but also to delight. She wanted a site that would present the information in a way that's not only informative and clear but also playful and fun to engage with. After working with Kait Clarke Creative on her brand strategy and brand design, she hired us to completely reimagine her website.

The result

The best of both worlds

Allie's website is the best of both worlds: a site that's not only beautiful to scroll through on desktop and mobile but also jam-packed with content. By paying particular attention to the UX of the site, we were able to create a complex user flow that feels intuitive, natural, and easy to navigate. The end result is a site that feels fluid, playful, and content-rich.

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