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Sleep Wise Consulting

Helping babies, kid and adults sleep (and live) easier.

the brief

Two Websites in One

Sleep Wise Consulting approached Skye High to modernize their brand and website the first time in 2018. At the time, they were functioning on a basic Wordpress Theme so their website was plain, hard to understand and pretty 'blah' overall. They came back to us in 2021 for a brand refresh and massive website overhaul as they decided to change their business model from baby and child-only services to including services and courses for adults as well.

the approach

A timeless, yet laidback feel

The new logo features a strong yet approachable font, a simple line-drawn owl, and a centered composition. The "E" detail adds a little personality and uniqueness, and loosely represents a baby nestled in their mother's arms. For the design, we took the hand-drawn owl as the inspiration and created line-art iconography as well as a layered yet clean approach to the design that would feel modern, approachable and a bit sophisticated. We also took advantage of their Wordpress platform by creating custom quizzes, dynamic layouts and an overall engaging digital experience.

The result

Happy parents and happy clients is a win all around

The end results is a website that has twice as much information as it did before (to account for services for Adults as well as babies and children) but with a simplified user experience and navigation that feels effortless.

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