Visual Brand Strategy & Web Design

Pink Chicken

Pink Chicken is more than a clothing company. It’s a joyful flock. Of happy and creative souls. Of mothers, daughters, families.

the brief

Pink Chicken makes vintage-meets-boho frocks that are meant to last for generations.

Years after we did the first website refresh for Pink Chicken, they approached us again to revisit the website with a focus on streamlining the experience, modernizing the brand even more, and focusing on mobile. We kept the base of the design the same, but introduced a new cleaner serif font and new layouts throughout the main brand pages.

the approach

Letting the Details Shine Through

Pink Chicken is a brand all about the details. Their patterns are one-of-a-kind, and their message and brand tone is all about spreading sunshine and happiness, so it was imperative we didn't lose that with our redesign. For the first re-design of Pink Chicken, we brightened their color palette and brought in friendly serif fonts in order to bring some playfulness to their brand. For the second re-design, we cleaned up some of the original styles while keeping the colors and tone friendly and approachable.

The result

Same Pink Chicken, Better Experience

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