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"Take anywhere" blankets made for park picnics or island hopping

the brief

Dreaming up what Nomadienne could be

Anick Guira is a Canadienne-born mom of three who started Nomadienne - a company that creates beautiful new line of "take anywhere" blankets made for park picnics or island hopping. They're easy to wash and store, and come in three beautiful travel-inspired colors. Anick approached Skye High to help her build a brand, which at the time was only a logo. We worked with her and famed photographer Nigel Barker to plan for the e-commerce and lifestyle photography needs and dream up what Nomadienne could be.

the approach

Inspired by a Carefree, Heart-Full Way of Life

The color palette and mood board for this brand was heavily inspired by a carefree, heart-full way of life. We wanted the photos to show real moments that people would have on these blankets, wherever they may be, taken primary outside in nature. There's a vintage, nostalgic quality to the photos that we wanted to achieve, making them feel timeless.

The result

A Memorable Brand Experience

Built on Shopify as a custom design and development, this website showcases what we do best — a beautiful, interactive website that's easy to navigate and buy from and most importantly, a unique and memorable brand experience.

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