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sarah jenks - whole woman

Marketing & web design for a digital platform

Sarah Jenks approached Skye High with the marketing and design of Whole Woman: a digital community and space for women to support each other.


The Brief

As a first step, we were tasked with designing a sales page for Whole Woman — a page that would engage and educate users on what the platform is and who it’s for. As part of the greater marketing effort, this included the creation of social posts, ads and various other collateral.


the membership site

We were approached to create a new online destination for Whole Woman that would generate a sustained increase in membership sales.

The solution had to be visually consistent with the current but incorporate new elements that reflect the program and Sarah's evolution.


closing the loop with social

Sarah has a large presence on social media, so it was an obvious decision to create additional ads and marketing posts for the Whole Woman campaign.


want to work together?

Well, I’d love to! If interested, please email