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The Total Branding & Web Design Package


Ideal for female entrepreneurs ready to launch their business and stand out from the crowd!

So you’re finally ready to grow your business and now you’re needing the perfect branding and web design? Yay! Let’s get this started!

You’re here because you know that in order to realize your dreams you need a brand and website that sets you apart from the crowd. You’re ready to launch your business the right way and invest in your future. My signature framework will take you from business dreaming to business launching in 8 short weeks.

Already have a Squarespace site that you DIY’d? That’s great too! This package also works perfectly for online business owners looking for a redesign of their current site.


The Gist — what you get at the end of your 8 weeks:

Custom web Design

A beautiful, fully functioning new website built on Squarespace that you’ll be pumped to send to prospective new clients.


First Class Branding

A professional brand that is authentically you and reflects your expertise in your field. No cookie-cutter designs here! It will be completely custom to your business.


Optimized experience

Responsive design? Always! With every project, I make sure to deliver a great even on your tiny phone screen or tablet.


additional support

SEO help, a PDF How-To and a 1:1 Squarespace LIVE chat to walk you through the website so you feel like a boss knowing how to make changes when you need to!


The Details — everything that’s included

Brand Kickoff

01. Brand Kickoff

Brand Questionnaire: You’ll fill it out and I’ll help fill in the holes! This is to understand your style, ideal client, business goals, and brand needs.

Logo Design

02. Logo Design

Mood Board: I’ll create a custom mood board specifically designed for your brand, which will guide the visual direction of the brand.

Custom Brand Identity Design: A unique brand identity design that includes primary logo, watermark, and a secondary logo (if applicable).

Brand Style Sheet: This will include custom typography combination, and custom color palette. See how it all works together with this one-page takeaway.

Web Design & Dev

03. Web Design & Development

Custom Homepage Design: I will create two distinct homepage visual directions that both ladder up to the mood board. Once a direction has been chosen, you’ll get two revisions to make changes.

Custom Website: I’ll then create a high-end mobile friendly website with Squarespace. A custom blog design, beautiful portfolio page, and up to 6 informational pages to educate your visitors about your services and showcase your best work.


04. Search Engine Optimization

SEO Expertise: I will take care of the search engine optimization of your new website with the right set of keywords, structure, and other enhancements that will help increase traffic and reach your local audience.


Training and Support

Educational Session: A LIVE educational training video session to teach you how to keep your new website up to date, and how to use your new brand guidelines.

Squarespace How-To PDF: You’ll probably have tons of questions a week after we launch — and that’s completely normal! That’s why I’ll provide you with a custom Squarespace How-To PDF doc that will give detailed instructions paired with screenshots of your site to walk you through all the changes you’ll want to make going forward.

Screen Shot 2019-02-25 at 10.27.38 AM.png

The Process — how it all works

  • Project Kickoff

    Strategy Session: In the first week, we’ll start with a 60 minute website strategy kickoff call (after the consultation call) to and spend the rest of the week working together to strategize the brand, copywriting and layout for your website. This intentional planning will set you up for success in your business.

    Website Layout: The first week will also be about creating the site architecture for the website and figuring out what pages need to be created and the general make-up of content for those pages.

  • Mood Board Creation

    Mood Board: This document will guide the visual direction of the brand. I’ll start by creating 2 custom mood board options specifically designed for your brand, We’ll review the mood board + color palette options created using inspiration from your Pinterest board Website Inspiration Homework.

  • Brand Identity Creation

    Logo Creation: I’ll send over 4+ custom options for you to choose from for your logo and color palette based on your Mood Board and we’ll get branding! From there, you’ll get 2 rounds of revisions until we get it just right!

    Style Sheet: By the end of the week, I’ll also create a brand style sheet that includes your main logo, logo variations, fonts, color palette and inspirational images all together in one neatly packaged page.

  • Homepage Designs

    Custom Homepage Design: I’ll design out your Homepage in two distinct visual directions that both ladder up to the mood board. You'll then choose one direction and I'll iterate until we get it just right. At this time we'll also finalize all your site photography and content. I'll then put up a custom branded Coming Soon page on your current website to get people excited for what’s to come.

  • Squarespace Build

    Full Website Build: The second to last week will be spent in Squarespace - bringing the designs to life with every page, interaction and click.

    SEO & Mobile Testing: Once the site is fully developed, I’ll comb through for SEO, tagging images and pages correctly as well as testing thoroughly for mobile and tablet.

  • Design Review & Final Changes

    Website Review: The second to last week will be spent reviewing the site thoroughly to address any final changes or issues that may arise.

  • Go Live!

    Custom Screen Sharing Tutorial: This is our time to go through your site together and teach you everything you need to know to update, add blog posts and swap out images. You’ll also get a PDF with step by step instructions and a video recording of our session to reference any time.

    Market your Site: We’ll go through some basics for driving traffic to your site and *YOU* will do something amazing and fun to celebrate your launch and fabulousness.

    Post-Launch Support: We’ll check back in a week after your site is live to see if you need any final changes or advice on how to keep the train running. Congrats, you did it!

Becca is truly the best...she gets it. She really gets into the brain of who she’s working for and really has that shine through to make each brand unique. Becca is a dream to work with and I am so happy to have her.
— Meg Fox Fitness