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the revelry co

A digital rebrand and redesign for an event-designing duo

The Revelry Co is a San Francisco-based event design duo with a knack for visual storytelling and unique content creation. They specialize in creating and styling unique content that inspires people to gather together.


the brief

We were tasked with launching a redesigned website and brand for The Revelry Co. To start, we created a mood board that we'd later use as the inspiration and visual guidelines for all marketing and design. We wanted the mood board to be light and clean but also infuse a pop of color and pattern that would later become the consistent visual element throughout their site and branding. We used a neutral color palette of beige, blacks and blush tones - in order to let the photography stand out from the design.

Screen Shot 2019-02-03 at 12.54.28 PM.png

graphic accents

Because Jaime and Rachel of The Revelry Co are not your typical event designers, it was important that we incorporate an element of playfulness into the site. Therefore, we layered images in interesting ways and used the dot pattern and brush stroke used in the logo throughout the site as well.



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