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October 29th, 2020

Templates: when and why to use them (as a creative agency)

Agency Advice

There are some great template shops out there, and I don’t pretend to be above using them when I need to!


Let me tell you a story…

We wanted to re-design our proposals to be more engaging, visual, and on-brand but we didn’t have the time or energy to create them from scratch. What’d we do? Helloooo Creative Market!

Not everything on their site is gold, but I do love it for illustrations, mockups, fonts, and the occasional template.

Would I purchase a website template for a client?

Absolutely not – that’s all custom (and frankly, that’s what they’re paying us the big bucks to do!), but would I purchase an illustration for a client if we didn’t have the budget to commission our own? You bet! You see, it’s all about looking at your resources and needs and choosing wisely. If I had $20 for the day to eat, I wouldn’t blow it all on breakfast! I use the same methodology when it comes to our clients and their budgets. What are the priorities or non-negotiables? What can we do without or do with stock? The message, my friends: use your time, resources and abilities wisely.

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