Sales Page Template

Sales Page Template

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No DIY build necessary! You buy it, we install it!

Our Sales Page Template is for anyone who has something to sell and needs a sales page to get the word out! This Template works for products, services or online schools and is designed with a results-driven focus!

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About the Add-on Services

Squarespace Hosting: We offer 1 year of Squarespace hosting with the Business Plan as part of our services (with an option to renew at the end of the year). As a circle member, Skye High gets a discounted annual rate on memberships.

Design & Content Implementation: We also offer full design and content implementation. You provide us with your images, content and inspiration images to help us understand your aesthetic, and we’ll get the whole page designed and ready to launch!


What do you get?

When you purchase your template, you will get an email confirming your purchase. Within 1 week, your template will be completely installed. Once you purchase, you will get:

Squarespace Account Creation (if NEW Squarespace user)

30-page Content Builder Workbook

Complete Sales Page Installed

Domain Transfer & Email Setup (if NEW Squarespace user)


Who it’s for

This design was created with the spiritual ladies in mind — the business and life coaches, full moon leaders, light workers, and visionaries. The template itself is very customizable, so you can adjust everything to suit your business and really make it your own.


What you’ll need

All you’ll need to do is add your images and content from the Sales Page Builder Content Workbook to complete your Sales Page, and it’s ready to go! We’ve made this process incredibly easy by installing it all for you!

We also offer a Template Design service where you send us your copy, images and color inspiration and we will design the template and add all your copy so you don’t have to do a THING!


Design Details

The Course Platform Template is built on-top of a Brine Family Squarespace Template. The Brine Family is the most customizable and popular Squarespace Template.

Make sure to check out the live demo by clicking “View Demo” at the top of this page.

FONTS: All fonts that are used within our template are native Squarespace fonts, which means they’re absolutely free! If you'd prefer to use another font, we’ll show you how to change fonts yourself while in design mode.


How it Works


1. Check your Email

Simply check your email for a confirmation of your purchase and a quick summary of next steps.


2. 7-Day Installation

We’ll be busy installing your template while you can sit back and enjoy that glass of wine and the oh-so-important work you do!


3. Add your Content

Once installed, we’ll send you access to the template so you can add your copy and images and truly make it your own (Want us to do this for you? Add this as an add-on service!)


4. Start Making Money!

These templates are designed to be easy-peasy so you can start making money by selling your knowledge ASAP!


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