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root + sky wellness

A digital rebrand and redesign for a holistic retreat in Boston

Root + Sky Wellness, a health and wellness retreat outside of Boston, approached Skye High to create a new brand mark and website to better reflect their holistic and spa-like business.


the brief

We were tasked with launching a redesigned website and brand for Root + Sky Wellness. To start, we created a mood board that we'd later use as the inspiration and visual guidelines for all marketing and design. We wanted the mood board to be light and clean but also infuse a pop of color and pattern that would later become the consistent visual element throughout her site and branding.

Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 4.28.30 PM.png

the dots

Because Root + Sky Wellness created largely in part by Stefanie's love and appreciation for acupuncture, we decided to incorporate a nod to the acupuncture 'dots' throughout the site. It not only subtly ladders up to the foundation of the company, but it brings in a layer of fun and modern touch that's important to show. 



Well, I’d love to! If interested, please email