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meg fox fitness

A digital rebrand for a local fitness guru

Meg Fox is a professional dancer and former NFL cheerleader who makes a living by teaching people how to stay fit and make healthy and nutritious choices. She came to Skye High with a need for revamping her image with a brand redesign and new website. We created a custom squarespace for her and brand that reflected her vivacious, extroverted personality.


the brief

We were tasked with launching a redesign for Meg Fox — a badass personal trainer, professional dancer, and ex-Patriot's cheerleader. Meg needed a new look for her fitness brand, Meg Fox Fitness, that would better convey her tenacious and cheeky personality.


The Ask

Anyone who knows or works with Meg knows her as the small but feisty blonde who is serious about fitness and also about enjoying your life. She has a lot of personality packed in her small frame, and wanted her site and brand to reflect that.


extending the brand

Meg is constantly putting on fitness challenges and is looking to digitize a lot of her materials such as meal plans, fitness routines and more. Therefore, it was important that created a system that was visually consistent with the website and brand.  

To say Becca’s work is off the charts is a huge understatement. Brainstorming with someone with such a creative/professional talent was just the beginning of what made my business change so much. I had so much great content and ideas to bring to the table, but it wasn’t until i saw Becca’s work that i realized how unprofessional/unpolished the stuff i was putting out into the world looked. Becca truly nailed my website, making it super appealing and has done projects for me that have literally brought a tear to my eye. She is truly the best...she really gets into the brain of who she is working for and really has that shine through to make each brand unique. Becca is a dream to work with and I am so happy to have her!
— Meg Fox