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light house

Creating a modern-day book club

Light House, started by Corey Spiegel, is a fresh new community offering weekly, in-person sessions to discuss relatable topics that appeal to all women. Corey came to me with a big idea and some handwritten notes, and together we created what is now Light House.


the brief

We were tasked with launching a website and brand for Light House. To start, we created a mood board that we'd later use as the inspiration and visual guidelines for all marketing and design. We wanted the mood board to be light, clean and feminine. It needed to evoke a sense of femininity while also infusing Corey’s personality and sense of humor. We used a neutral color palette of blush tones, blacks and neutrals with brush stroke accents to create a fierce and bold effect.

Screen Shot 2019-03-29 at 2.26.44 PM.png

the design

We worked tirelessly with Corey to create a design that was clean, user-friendly and approachable. Keeping in mind her target audience - 40-50 year old women - it was important that the design itself was aesthetically pleasing without being overwhelming or difficult to navigate.


extending through social

It’s common that new businesses don’t have a social media presence whatsoever, and Corey was no exception. To help get her started, we used the secondary icon I created for her social icon and then I sourced about 10-15 posts that included a mix of custom graphics and found photography and illustrations (that we would of course credit with appropriate handles).



Well, I’d love to! If interested, please email