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Sell your product or service with ease and success with this Sales Page Template Kit and Content Builder.


This multi-page Membership Site and Sales Page Template is a modern, dynamic Squarespace Template that allows you to build your brand equity and grow your network in days (not months or years)!

We’ve created 3 beautifully unique designs depending on your line of work. The templates are completely customizable - from fonts, colors, photos and more.

With our comprehensive package, we provide a Sales Page Content builder, Sales Page Template and Membership Site Template. The Sales Paget builder lets you build your sales page yourself without the need to hire a copywriter.

Each Package Includes:

  • Sales Page Content Builder

  • Your choice between 3 distinct designs of:

  • Fully Customizable Sales Page Template

  • Entire Membership Site with:

    • Customizable Design

    • Primary Nav with access to 5 Sections

    • Secondary Nav with Search & Filtering

    • Content Management Tool

    • Billing Functionality

    • Discussion Groups

    • Robust FAQ section with question prompts

Total Cost: $1,800