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September 1st, 2020

How to create an Instagram Landing Page in 5 Steps!

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Instagram’s ‘1 link rule’ makes it incredibly hard to market your business when you have more than one place you want to direct your followers to. Do you like to your website? The blog article you just referenced? The free download you’re offering for sign-ups? How do you choose? Link-Tree gave us all a way by offering a free platform.

Yet here’s why Link tree isn’t the best solution:

  • It’s not branded to your site

  • It’s still not actually bringing your followers to your site

  • There’s no way of knowing if it’s actually working!

This is precisely why I’m going to show you how to set up your own links page on your OWN site in 5 steps!


Step 1. Create a Page in the “Not Linked” section of your site

When in Pages, scroll down to the bottom where you have all of the ‘not linked’ pages. Here, you can either add a page or an index. I prefer indexes, but for simplicity in this demo I’ll create a Page.

Click the + and add a Page. Name the page “Links” and click “start editing”.

Step 2. Adding an Intro

Start with the basics – a header and some body copy, just to frame the page and give it some context. Welcome your users and maybe tell them how else they can reach you if they can’t find what they’re looking for. To do this, start by clicking in the content area until you see the horizontal tear drop, and click that to get this popup. Click the Text block:

Once you’ve added a line or two to frame the page, you can move on to add the buttons

Step 3. Adding your Buttons

Start with the basics – think of the key pages you typically send people, and if you already have Link Tree, just use that as a basis. To add a button, click in the content area until you see the horizontal tear drop, and click that to get this popup:

Play with the button sizes that are offered, but I think Medium is best, especially for mobile. Add text to your button – something clear yet succinct (like “Read Blog”), link it to the appropriate page, set the alignment to Center and press APPLY.

Repeat these steps by adding as many buttons as you think is important. Keep in mind that the more buttons you add, the more your user will have to scroll on mobile and more overwhelmed they’ll be with choices. 3-4 buttons is a good place to start.

Step 4. Adding more to the page

Unlike Link-tree, by creating a custom page on your site, you can add more to the page that you want to show people! Maybe an image and bio of yourself, a newsletter subscribe callout or a contact form. Simply add these as separate content blocks after the buttons, so as not to distract your visitors from the reason they came to the page in the first place.

Step 5. Add the page to your Instagram

Now that we’ve created your custom links page, make sure to check the page link name by clicking “Settings” of your page. In the “SEO” tab, you’ll notice where you can see the search results preview, SEO Title, Description and URL slug. Make sure the URL is simple – like “Links”. Therefore, your URL should be “”. Copy and paste this URL into the correct field in Instagram, make sure you check your work, and VOILA! DONE!

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