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A digital redesign for a global company

Once the new CultureWizard brand was established, the next step was incorporating it into a clean, modern and easy-to-use website. Their website was already being used by thousands of companies and tens of thousands of users, but analytics and user data had proven that it was clunky, hard to use and a poor user-experience. Therefore, RW3 came to Skye High to recreate a digital experience that would be intuitive, and make the content heavy site seem airy and modern.


making smart decisions

Before jumping into design, we spent a good amount of time thoroughly creating user-stories, site architecture maps outlining the whole experience and wire-framing each page of the experience with detailed annotations. 


The Homepage

The homepage will combine photography and color to create a bold, fresh look for the site. The four learning tracks will be represented by the four colors, and we’ll use imagery of people and places to support the copy.

Using friendly language on the site will also help create a tone of approachability. For instance, if the user has noted that they’re interested in Australia, they would be greeted with a “G’day” message.


culture profile

Tools such as the culture calculator will use bars of color to differentiate the countries of comparison. Likewise, if the user is comparing team members, they would be met with a similar graphic to reinforce the brand’s look and feel.