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circle in truth

A digital rebranding for a company doing good

Circle in Truth offers circle training, education, and practices designed to cultivate compassion and healing through relationship, with the audacious vision of changing the world, one circle at a time. They're a small company with a big mission, and needed a strong brand and visual platform to stand on. In collaboration with Neon Butterfly, we created a strategic platform, visual identity and digital experience.


defining the brand

Circle in Truth needed a brand mark and identity that was recognizable, approachable and scalable. The final logo uses a hand-written lower-case sans-serif font that hugs the letters to one another - all contained inside a circular mark that changes colors. 


using gifs to tell a story

Circle in Truth felt strongly about having a digital presence that was friendly, approachable and a bit fun. They have such emotionally-heavy content that we all felt that incorporating playful elements would lighten the mood of the site and balance well with the nature of the content. Therefore, we created hand-drawn elements and pops of color where possible, including the logo.



As part of the rebranding effort, we created a photography mood board and produced our own shoot for the site and social. It was imperative that all photography used on the site conveyed warmth, intimacy and connection - since that's what the circles are all about. We made sure even though we were staging a shoot that the photos didn't feel staged or forced, and that they reflected raw, candid and real moments and interactions among people. 


the final design

This concept uses clean lines and graphical elements to create a look and feel reflective of non-profit and educational organizations. We bring in warmth, friendliness and approachability by pairing bold colors and hand-drawn iconography with elements that captures connection and intimacy from interesting angles and perspectives. 



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