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Madison Ayers


Madison Ayers is a self-love junkie and body acceptance enthusiast who helps women identify and eradicate their inner critic — specifically its distracting thoughts surrounding body and appearance.

Madison approached Skye High at the onset of this new business, seeking a full brand design and website. She had previously worked with Blair Badenhop on her strategy and copy, so she came to us with a clear direction and goal in mind.

the brief

The brief was to create a brand and website for Madison that would represent her brand to be holistic, open-hearted and inspiring. Madison works with clients directly regarding sensitive and vulnerable topics, so we wanted the brand and design to authentically represent her as the down-to-earth, approachable, and authentic person that she is.

Brand Identity

Madison’s primary logo encapsulates feelings of freshness, new beginnings, and the positive, inspirational attitude she brings to each client relationship. The primary font is feminine, the title case calming, readable, and down-to-earth, while the customized illustrations on the M and A signify the natural, holistic perspective she takes in her coaching. The leaves represent growth, nourishment, and wellness, while the tiny berries represent the life changes that her clients experience after working with her. Every big change begins with a small seed and then grows from there! The logo as a whole feels like a breath of fresh air, just like Madison.

the design

We went with a visual brand aesthetic that felt light & airy while also down-to-earth. It’s confident and feminine and natural. The color palette has an earthy, feminine energy to them – they’re bright but a little de-saturated to bring a sense of calm to the brand. They have a sense of cool, collected confidence – the same confidence and self-love that Madison empowers her clients to cultivate in their own lives.

the design

Madison’s brand and site are layered, feminine and engaging. We word hard on the photo art direction and preparation to make sure her brand photography was thoughtfully considered. As an extension of the brand, we also designed multiple print pieces for Madison to share with her clients. Being mindful to layout, photography balance and breaking up the content to ensure readability was especially important.

View the Site

I absolutely loved working with Skye High. The work that they create is so beautifully done, and their ability to capture the essence and vibe of my brand went above and beyond. I may or may not have cried a couple times when I saw the reveal! I felt so seen and understood.

Madison Ayers