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a boutique design studio with agency smarts and skills

We’ll help make you a leader in your industry by giving you a brand and website that reflects the quality of your services.

Website platforms can be overly complicated, from the choice to implementing the design. The whole process can leave you feeling defeated and simply overwhelmed. But no business should have to DIY their branding just because they can’t afford giant agency costs.

We’ll guide you through a process so it feels exciting, not overwhelming.



a bit about Becca

Let's hear it for the working mamas out there!

Whether consciously or not, one of the biggest reasons I started Skye High was for this adorable little lady: Avery Skye (cue lightbulb!) It's my mission to show my daughter what a strong woman is capable of and what you can achieve with some hard work and perseverance. This industry is anything but easy, and I do this work because I'm passionate about creating beautiful design and interactions that get real results for my clients. Nothing is better than getting those texts of affirmation that say, "because of you, I just surpassed all my sales projections!" 


Ready to make some magic together?