Skye High Interactive was founded by me, Creative Director Becca Levian.

I am a strong-willed and easygoing Boston-raised girl who was taught at an early age the importance of hard work, passion and dedication. My father was an entrepreneur who taught marketing to undergraduate and graduate students, so dinnertime conversations revolved around business plans, big ideas and philosophical principles. You could say it rubbed off on me, or maybe it's just in my blood...either way, creating my own business was almost an inevitability for me. 

Prior to establishing the company, I worked at prominent digital design agencies in Boston, Los Angeles and Seattle. I worked with a diverse range of clients, including Adidas, Lego, CVS Pharmacy, Webster Bank, and Hartford Insurance among many others. 

While the work was [for the most part] fulfilling, I yearned for more creative autonomy, freedom and to have a voice that wouldn't be silenced by my male higher-ups. My ideas were constantly being used but I was never receiving the credit or any benefit. More so, I wanted to control who I worked with — making sure their values and creative vision was aligned with mine. 

Finally, when my first daughter was 6 months old, I finally gave up the security of the full-time job and decided to pursue my dream of starting my own agency. Yes, having barely just gotten back from maternity leave and with a husband who was also trying to figure out his path, the timing was anything but optimal. But I thought to myself...

If not now, then when?